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No one can predict what will happen, but everyone can prepare for what may happen.  That’s what a personal umbrella insurance policy does for you.  It provides an extra layer of protection on your home and car in the event someone experiences an accident on your property, or you are the cause of an accident on the road.  

Our job is to ensure you have coverage in place if you are ever faced with an unpredictable incident in your home or car.  The cost of a personal umbrella insurance policy is very small compared to the cost of not having coverage if needed.

Do you own a home?

Do you own a vacation home?

Do you own waterfront property?

Do you have a swimming pool on your property?

Do you own more than one automobile?

Do you own a luxury automobile?

Do you own a power or sailboat?

Do you own a dog?

Do you have an above-average family income?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, consider adding a personal umbrella policy to your insurance portfolio. 


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When disaster strikes a Personal Umbrella will help protect you and your assets.